Why Triply ?

Why Triply ?

Why Triply

Cooking is a labour of love. And triply is its ultimate tool!

What is Triply cookware?

Triply as the name suggests has 3 layers of materials. Why 3 layers you may ask? Well, research has enabled us to unlock the benefits of different types of materials to bring about the following characteristics

  •         Ensure even heating – a pan that is evenly heated ensures your meal is evenly cooked. It’s that simple!
  •         Low energy consumption – Less oil + Less gas = More savings!
  •         Maintain the integrity and life of the utensil - longer utensil life translates to more savings also!

Why Triply?

Triply cookware is ubiquitous in most homes and stores. What is the reason for this sudden proliferation of triply cookware?

Most homes have used Stainless steel only or non-stick cookware in the past. Triply technology is a sea change in the way cooking utensils are manufactured and used.

One variation of Triply has Stainless steel constitute the inner and outer layer with a layer of Aluminium sandwiched in between. Why this weird configuration you may ask?


  • Stainless steel is a much tougher metal than Aluminium, but is a poorer conductor of heat.
  • Aluminium is easily dented, but is a superior conductor of heat. Combine the two and what do we have? Strength with Savings.


Another variation of Triply cookware is Copper (Outside), Aluminium (Sandwiched) and Stainless Steel (Inside). This type of Triply has an added advantage of looking like designer cookware with heaps of functionality. Who wouldn’t want to show off their Copper Cookware to jealous guests! This variant is more suited toward stove tops but works on Induction tops as well. Stay classy with this beautiful addition to your kitchen.

What are the other benefits of Triply?

What? There’s more? Yes Ma'am, keep reading to know more.

  1. Quick Heating.

Food heats up much quicker in Triply utensils when compared to SS or Nonstick utensils. 

  1. Easy to clean. 

The inner Stainless-steel layer makes cleaning a breeze and you don’t have to worry about any Non stick or other coating.

  1. Versatile

Triply utensils are suitable for any type of food.

  1. Food Stays hot!

The utensil retains the heat well so you can turn off your gas and food remains hot for some time!

  1. Easy Cook and Easy clean

Triply cookware is dishwasher  and oven safe!


 It sounds too good to be true! What’s the catch?

Well, Triply cookware is more expensive than regular SS or Non-stick cookware. But like any good investment, you make back your money over time. Considering how long it lasts and the fact that you can cook with less oil and gas make Triply cookware a must-have for all you home chefs!


Also, FYI, because Indian households predominantly cook on gas, there is a probability that the outer surface of the utensil can get discoloured.


Tips of how to clean Triply cookware:

Ok, so you’ve bought your first Triply set and made your family a wonderful meal. Now comes the tough part. Cleaning! Don’t worry, here are some tips that can help ensure a long life for your new Triply utensil.

Tip 1: Always wait for the utensil to completely cool down before pouring water into it because the sudden changes in the temperature might damage the cookware.


Tip 2: Always use a mild detergent and soft sponge scrub to clean the surface of the Triply utensil.


Tip 3: For strong and stubborn stains, you can use vinegar over the surface of the utensil and wipe it off with a soft clean cloth.


Tip 4: You can use club soda to remove the stains, it will not only remove the food stains but also give a quick shine to the cookware.


So, there you are. Triply in a nutshell. We hope this article helped you understand more about Triply cookware. Feel free to leave any feedback or comments.


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