Cookware Maintenance 101

Cookware Maintenance 101

Five things that you should do to maintain your Homeware 

Investing in quality homeware is essential, and so is supporting your efforts to maintain its quality for

years. So, how do you do it? 

There are five things that you should fundamentally consider using to keep

the class of your homeware intact.

1)Remember to wipe your kitchenware, homeware with a cloth towel after a good wash.

How does it help you? It helps you prevent patches caused by water droplets or stagnant water, if any, thereby preventing fungus, and of course, who wouldn’t be impressed by clean and hygienic utensils.

2) Choose to wipe the stains with a paper towel instead of a cloth towel.

To avoid getting the cloth stained, thereby preventing yourself from doing double the work of removing the stain and washing that cloth.

3)Sponges are of great use to maintain the smooth surface of any homeware. 

A wipe with a sponge dipped in soapy water or any corresponding cleanser would prevent the homeware, particularly from scratches.

Sponges imply to be used on glassware and ceramic cookware and on non-stick.

4)A scrubber is a neutral choice to scrub and clean all utensils irrespective of their surface.       

However, to specify its reliability, you should use it on plastic and fibre homeware.

5) So, When to use a steel scrubber?

It is not for regular use, yet when you find a hard stain adhered to the utensils, then steel scrubbers should be your go-to item to remove it, in addition to its usage on stainless steel cookware.

Know the usage of each item you buy for the maintenance of your homeware because knowing how to use something that fulfils and eases your effort in trying to maintain a clean and happy home

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