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Taz 21-9 Silicone Muffin Mould - Poppat jamals

Taz 21-9 Silicone Muffin Mould


  • Rs. 150

Prepare muffins in a unique shape with the TAZ 21-9 Muffin Mould. This mould is made from silicone and is durable. You can use this mould for preparing cakes and puddings too. By pouring the pudding or cake batter in this mould and freezing it for some time, you can easily make unique looking desserts. This muffin mould makes for an ideal gift for a person who loves preparing sweet dishes. TAZ is a renowned brand that manufactures quality kitchen items and home appliances that provide utility along with style. The products from TAZ are sure to enhance the appeal of your space without compromising on functionality.

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